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Are you ready to transform your money mindset?

Does the following sound familiar to you?

❑ You work 40+ hours a week and struggle to make ends meet.

❑ You went to school to earn a better wage, but feel crushed by your debt.

❑ You have BIG dreams for your future, but you’re not sure how to reach them.

❑ You’ve tried to get a handle on your finances on your own, but the habits didn’t stick.

I can help!

I’m Katie, a financial coach.


Work with me and you will be able to:

✔  Tackle your debts with confidence and a clear plan to reduce the burden
✔  Create a budget that actually works and still get to enjoy what you love
✔  Build up a solid savings cushion so you are prepared for anything
✔  View money in a new light and use it in alignment with your values
✔  Create a sustainable plan to reach your goals and dreams
✔  Feel empowered to pursue a financial path you can follow for life


Overview of Services

Plan to Manage Debt

Whether it’s credit card debt, student loans, a car loan, or other debt; I’ll help you create a personalized payoff plan.

Create a Budget

Budgets can be intimidating and difficult to stick with. I can help you build a budget that fits your values.

Build an Emergency Fund

Life has many unpredictable moments. Let’s talk about how to prepare for those moments without taking on debt.

Set Actionable Goals

Because personal finances are, well, personal, everyone has their own financial goals and dreams. I’ll help you articulate these goals and create a plan to accomplish them.


Once your goals are identified, I will provide accountability and support during the implementation of your action plans.
I will assist when setbacks occur and celebrate successes, big and small!

Develop a Growth Mindset

Building new habits requires consistency in practice and a change in mindset to ensure they’ll stick. I will work with you to identify and examine financial beliefs you hold and how they’re affecting your progress.

If you’re ready to build a sustainable financial future, let’s talk!