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Hello Dynamic Downtowners! I put together this template at Colin’s suggestion to help give you the verbiage for an introductory email to any HR professionals in your network. Feel free to use as is or tweak it as you see fit!

Template Email for HR Managers:

Hello [Name of HR manager],

Are you offering your employees a financial wellness program? Would you like to partner with a financial coach to develop a program or presentation for your employees? Katie Griggs at Sustainable Finance is looking to partner with businesses to help you develop or supplement your current employee wellness benefits.

She currently has a free interactive presentation on financial literacy that covers spending triggers, budgeting, types of debt, credit scores, debt repayment strategies, and savings/investment basics. Your employees will leave the presentation with strategies to manage their finances and a greater understanding of financial concepts that impact their daily lives.

She’s eager to start sharing and customizing this presentation to the specific worries and needs of your employees and discuss the possibility of an ongoing coaching program, so if this sounds like something you’re interested in, she’s been CC’d on this email so you can start connecting, or you can click here to schedule a 30 minute meeting with her to discuss further details.

Thank you,

If you’re ready to build a sustainable financial future, let’s talk!